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Property Management System - Protel Event Management

Property Management Software for hosting banquets, dinners, conferences, conventions...

A hotel’s event management software is responsible for the organization and management of any kind of event. Ranging from one-on-one meetings to congresses with hundreds of participants, from short get-togethers to conferences for several days, from family reunions to gala dinners: the rooms, seating, arrangements, menues and equipment need thorough and punctual organization, coordination and preparation.

To ensure smooth processes and on-time delivery meticulous scheduling is essential. Every single detail needs to be taken into account: Is the seating arranged correctly? Has the right equipment been put up and is ready for use? Have signs for the conference rooms been hung up correctly?

Protel’s flexible and mobile software solutions support event planners in their professional management of events and will free up time in which they can focus on what’s most important: the guests of the event.

Banquet Plan

Preparation is ninety-nine percent of the job. That’s why we offer the banquet plan: a multifunctional planning tool that helps you optimize room occupancy and prevent double bookings. At a glance, you’ll know when your hotel is hosting events, what your options are, and which rooms can be used. You’ll have everything you need for your preparations.

Banquet Room Plan

Plan the ideal setup for any event – in a manageable, true-to-scale format. With the room plan, you can visualize the floor plan and seating arrangements with graphical elements. Any room plans you’ve created in Microsoft Visio can be readily customized to your guests’ individual needs.

Function Sheets

Prepare and host events with an eye for the tiniest details with the customizable function sheets. Equipment requirements, menus, schedules, guest lists and other information can be entered in the function sheets. Print specific sheets for each department so your teams will always know exactly what to do.


The integrated reporting tool provides key data such as banquet revenues, service forecasting, history data, market and source code statistics. Use option and cancellation lists, media overviews and weekly schedules to track all your key information. Easily write up banquet contracts, confirmations, function sheets and menus in protel Banquet’s word processor

Other Features

The Banquet inquiry function tells you instantly whether you have rooms available, which rooms they are, and when they are available. Your employees can thus respond immediately to inquiries and reserve available rooms with a single mouse click

If your guests require special equipment – video projectors, overhead projectors or TV sets – the Media Overview function tells you which of your equipment is available, and which is already reserved

Other Features

If an event organizer wants to make a change to the plans, or if you want to print out function sheets for your staff, you can easily find booked events by date, event name or other criteria using the Banquet List function

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