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PayPal inStore

Payment solution App for Apple & Android

PayPal inStore allows PayPal users to pay for products in stores by scanning a barcode generated by the inStore app, or by using a one-time four digit code in stores that don’t have a scanner. To use it, customers will simply have to check into a store using the PayPal app, at which point they will receive their barcode or PIN. Simply scan the barcode or enter the PIN code in iTouch and the transaction value is debited in the regular way from the customers' PayPal account.

No personal or financial information is stored on the phone - and the app is locked with a PIN code, so if a phone is stolen, it's useless.The app can also be used to issue refunds, with the barcodes stored in the phone, and able to be brought back to the store for a refund.

Birmingham University

RST teamed up with PayPal to make Birmingham University the first hospitality site in the UK to enable students to make payments in an outlet using their mobile phones. The customer simply downloads the PayPal App, signs in to their PayPal account, the app will then generate a unique code which is scanned by the POS terminal to facilitate payment.

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