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Protel Conference & Banquet

01-02-2016 Brendan Jordan General
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The only planning tool you need for Receptions, Banquets and Events

Protel’s Conference & Banquet add-on module has been designed to help hotels increase revenue and bookings whilst saving both time and money.

As you would expect with Protel this add-on comes with complete flexibility allowing each hotel the ability to configure the add-on to their own specific requirements. Hotels that install the add-on will notice an immediate impact with how it simplifies procedures usually undertaken by hotel staff when booking a conference or banquet. By simplifying the tasks involved each hotel will better meet the needs of their clients in a much more efficient time-scale.

Protel Conference & Banquet helps hotel staff plan every last detail of the event and ensures that everything is under control which instills confidence with staff when managing a very large or very important conference. The Protel add-on helps monitor spaces, maintain the customer database and assist in maximising occupancy while remaining easy to use.

The room optimisation tool within Protel can help maximise the potential from the suite of rooms within a hotel by always selling the room which best meets the customer’s needs.

The Banquet Plan clearly shows all bookings and options at a glance, along with the ability to copy events for regular customers and link to their in-house room reservations for ease of billing.

The Protel add-on also has the ability to allow event sheets to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each department when booking a conference or banquet.

Protel Conference & Banquet is an optional expansion module for use with all SQL based versions of Protel SPE and MPE.

For more information on Protel Conference & Banquet please email our Protel Specialist Brendan Jordan

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