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Protel Voyager

15-07-2015 Ryan Doherty General

Protel Voyager is the latest development by Protel enabling hotels to offer guests a more interactive and real time experience when enjoying their stay.

When a guest makes a reservation the hotel can then send out a link to the Protel Voyager application within the confirmation email, by providing a link from their main website or have a QR code at reception during check in. Once the guest selects either of the above options they can start enjoying the benefits of interacting with the hotel before, during and after their stay.

An application such as Protel Voyager has clear benefits to both the hotel from a marketing point of view and for the guest in terms of getting the most out of their stay.

Each hotel has the option to customise what the application will display once a customer logs in but key information such as check in details and viewing invoices will be a standard across most hotels.

The key from a marketing point of view will be how each hotel displays and customizes the application to inform the guest of current offers running during their stay and making the guest aware of the full range of hotel facilities.

Displaying and sharing the correct information to the correct guest could result in the hotel up-selling its services to a guest who wouldn’t normally enquire at the front desk on current offers and facilities available.

The benefits for a guest are that the application allows for a more involved stay providing a range of information which can be found on their smartphone reducing the need to call or visit the reception desk.

The hotel can also choose to send out discount codes or special offers targeting each guest to make their stay more special and memorable. If a guest is celebrating a birthday or special anniversary an offer for the restaurant or theater tickets with front row seats could be the touch that makes the stay extra special and ensures that a guest leaves a positive review and re-books for the future.

There are many possibilities available for how a hotel approaches an application like Protel Voyager and in the future I would expect to see hotels using a range of applications to provide their guests with a more interactive stay. For guests staying at hotels that are using applications to share key information and push out offers I can only see this as a benefit as long as it not does not become invasive.

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