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Protel Hotel Software

15-4-2015 Ryan Doherty General

Protel Hotel Software is used throughout the world by small independent hotels right through to large multi-chain organisations. RST EPoS are the exclusive partner for Protel products throughout Ireland with a dedicated team of Protel specialists that handle all aspects of Protel from installation


Buyer Supplier Relationship

30-4-2015 Ryan Doherty General

The buyer supplier relationship within the hospitality sector can play a critical factor in determining success or failure. Our industry involves building and supplying EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems for the Hospitality sector. An EPoS system installed in a restaurant or hotel performs many important


What is EPoS

30-4-2015 Ryan Doherty General

EPoS is an acronym for Electronic Point of Sale. EPoS systems are most commonly found in retail and hospitality outlets for the purpose of processing transactions as well as recording and reporting information for use in areas such as sales tracking, stock management and purchasing.


Self-Order Restaurants

14-4-2015 Darren Bradley General

For years I've been looking at the possibility of self ordering in restaurants whether fast food or casual dining. Constantly mulling over the different elements required to make this happen has turned into something of a pet project of mine.


Our Customers

You will find that we will work very hard to deliver and maintain an EPoS System which will help you in your business. We hope to exceed your expectations, because we want you to be a very satisfied RST customer.

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"Like many of my suppliers I have a long term relationship with RST, we prefer dealing with people who look after us."