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Handheld EPoS System - Buttermilk Art Cafe Portnablagh

19-10-2015 Ryan Doherty General

In order to demonstrate our Handheld EPoS System in action we decided to shoot a short video. Our handheld EPoS System is currently in use at the stunning Buttermilk Art Cafe in Portnablagh which combines excellent art work with great food and a stunning backdrop overlooking the bay.

In order to shoot the video we enlisted the help of local media company Digital Jackanory who looked after the shooting of the video and all the post production.

Our handheld EPoS System has many advantages for businesses such as Buttermilk Art Cafe and the best way to demonstrate this was to capture the staff in action at Buttermilk.

One of the big advantages is the speed of service, staff are able to carry a tablet to the table and quickly tap in the order which is then sent straight to the kitchen printer. This process removes the need for pen and paper which in turn reduces the chance of orders getting sent to the table incorrectly.

The video also includes the owner of Buttermilk Art Cafe (Alan) commenting on how the staff have adjusted to using the handheld EPoS System as opposed to the traditional method of pen and paper. Alan also explains the ethos behind Buttermilk Art Cafe and how the EPoS System and service that RST EPoS supplied was able to integrate into the business.

Overall we are extremely happy with how our first video production has turned out and feel the contribution made by Alan and all the staff at Buttermilk Art Cafe really helped in capturing how our EPoS System currently operates within their business.

Over the coming months we hope to make more videos which will showcase the range of EPoS Systems that we currently provide to businesses across the UK.

If you would like to view more videos relating to our EPoS Systems please visit our YouTube Channel or alternatively please get in touch if your interested in an EPoS System for you business.

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