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Is Drone Delivery the Future of Hospitality?

02-05-2015 Ryan Doherty General

The Timbre Group in Singapore has teamed up with Singapore start-up Infinium Robotics to work on a project which will enable drone delivery within its restaurants to deliver food and drink to customers.

The Timbre Group can lay claim to being the first restaurant chain in Singapore to install iPads at all of its tables to help improve the speed of service so it comes as no surprise that the company is already trialing another forward thinking solution in service.

As the video below shows there is still some work to be done in making this a reality for restaurants but it's very interesting getting a glimpse of how the future could look for forward thinking companies in the hospitality industry.

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TGI Friday's had drones carrying mistletoe and cameras around one of their restaurants in December to capture pictures of diners kissing. In theory a neat idea showcasing the capabilities of drones but when the drone crashes into the face of a reporter then not so good.  Another stark warning regarding the safety of drones within a crowded restaurant.

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Francesco's Pizzeria in South Mumbai became the first restaurant in India to successfully deliver a pizza using a drone. Delivery of the pizza would normally have taken around 30 minutes through the busy streets on a motorbike however drone delivery managed it in 10 minutes.  The test was a success but that's all, as you can imagine there are many legal requirements not allowing for flying drones to be whizzing around city centers carrying pizzas.  Another example showcasing what the future could hold for delivery.

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The future may not be Drone Delivery just yet but its clear to see from the videos above that the hospitality sector is moving very fast in testing out what can be achieved with the use of drones.

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