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Cash Registers, Tills and EPoS

13-8-2015 Ryan Doherty General
Cash Registers, Tills and EPoS

The hardware and software used within the Retail and Hospitality sector has gradually advanced although it seems that three phrases continually dominate the Google search results from potential customers.

Tills, cash registers and epos systems being the big three.

While carrying out keyword research I was intrigued to find that over four thousand searches per month within the UK are still carried out for phrases based on the keywords Till and Tills. Phrases such as Till Registers, Touch Screen Tills and Till Software.

Over seven thousand searches are carried out each month involving the keywords Cash Register. Popular phrases such as Cash Registers for Sale, Electronic Cash Registers and Touch Screen Cash Registers. EPoS System and EPoS Systems generate over six thousand searches within the UK each month.

At RST EPoS we supply EPoS Systems for the Hospitality and Retail sectors. Our EPoS Systems can be found in various locations such as large hotels, schools, universities, fish and chip shops, pubs, clubs and many more. Having looked a bit closer at the search data each month it has become apparent that our potential customers are keying in a wide range of search terms which we as a business cater for but do not necessarily advertise for each individual phrase.

The problem that we face as a business is supplying and building a piece of equipment which has many names and phrases to describe it.

As a business we feel that EPoS Systems is the best description of what we can build and supply to our customers. Our EPoS Systems can be classed as Tills, Touchscreen Tills, Cash Registers, Touch Screen Cash Registers or whatever variation of the popular phrases a consumer decides to key into a search engine.

The realisation is that potential customers across the UK are searching each month using many different phrases and keywords to find the system that they need. There’s no point in trying to figure out why some call it a Till, some call it a checkout, some call it an epos system or why some call it a cash register.

With search engines now being the go-to-place for information it’s important that we let our potential customers know that we can cater for whichever term or phrase they decide to search for, Tills, Cash Registers or EPoS Systems.

How would you search for it, Till, Cash Register or EPoS System?

Our Customers

You will find that we will work very hard to deliver and maintain an EPoS System which will help you in your business. We hope to exceed your expectations, because we want you to be a very satisfied RST customer.

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